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Congratulations to the most recent scholarship and award recipients.

2022  Recipients
  • Adjust Your Sails Scholarship Blake Niemann

  • Cody James Patterson Memorial Scholarship Audrey Gerding, Carson Gerding

  • McRae-Dickey Stem Scholarship Briah Benson

  • PCF Youth Recognition Award Dylan Bell

  • PCF Vocational Technical Madalyn Gerig

  • Philomath Public Schools Scholarship Sage Kramer

  • Russ Hunt Sophie Robinson

Learn how to establish a scholarship fund or how to donate to student scholarships by contacting us.


We at Philomath Community Foundation  look forward to the day when the availability of scholarship funding matches the number of deserving applicants. With your help, we can move closer to this goal.


Philomath Community Foundation aims to provide  scholarships  so students can continue their educational journeys. With the costs of education steadily rising, talented, deserving students face financial needs unseen by previous generations, and many need financial assistance to be able to pursue higher education.

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