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Philomath Performing Art Benefit Fund:

Board Aims to Reach $100,000 This Year

​A lack of funding to meet the needs of Performing Arts programs in Philomath's schools grabbed Kay McGee's heart. A needs assessment done in 2017 indicated, for example, that instruments were old and in need of repair--to the tune of $21, 445 combined cost for the high school and middle school.

She took action, which ultimately led to the creation of the Philomath Performing Arts Benefit Fund--an endowment to provide a growing stream of additional revenue. PPABF's board turned to Philomath Community Foundation for help. Steps were taken for PCF to serve as fiscal sponsor and to create an endowed fund.

McGee, PPABF's board president and chair, said the foundation helped to get the fund up and running quickly, and the board appreciated not having to try to learn and manage the investment side of things. "There is enough to focus on with fund raising, grant cycle, and general organization setup and operation."

An annonymous matching donation helped Philomath Performing Art Benefit Fund raise $40,000 in donations and pledges in 2017. By mid-year 2018,  $60,000 was raised, for the 2018 target of bringing the total up to $100,000. Donations are tax-deductible under PCF's 501(c)(3) status.


Photo by Anibal Ortiz, Mid-Valley Media,

Courtesy of Philomath Express

Some instruments are as old as the school. Philomath Middle School Band performs at 2017's  winter concert.

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