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Designated-Purpose Funds

Lilly's Lope for Hope Fund

Established to hold proceeds raised by Lilly's Lope for Hope to provide suicide prevention through education and counseling for the youth in Philomath and Corvallis school districts. Philomath Community Foundation serves as a fiscal sponsor for Lilly's Lope for Hope, PCF manages and provides oversight for all contributions and distributions. Donations are tax deductible under PCF's 501(c)(3) 

Philomath Forestry Booster Club

Provides financial assistance to the Philomath High School Forestry Department for special events, skills days, competitions, materials and equipment.

Philomath Performing Arts Benefit Fund

An endowment established to provide an additional stream of funding to help Philomath Performing Arts maintain a strong, enriching performing arts program that benefits students who attend schools in the Philomath School District, and their families. Examples of needs include instruments repair, instruments maintenance, choir needs, and performing arts facility upgrades.

Designated-Agency Funds


Philomath Rotary Club Fund

Established​ to hold proceeds raised by Philomath Rotary Club. This fund benefits community projects and provides student assistance.

We Care

Endowed fund established to provide a long-term, reliable source of additional revenue to help the nonprofit, We Care,  provides one-time financial assistance to residents of Benton County, Oregon, in  emergency situations when no other help is available from public or private sources and it appears that recipients will be able to manage successfully after a single assist.

Personal reasons may vary, but those who establish charitable funds have a common desire to positively affect residents and our community. You may want to
  • promote or support work on a specific cause
  • support pursuit of study in a particular field
  • have another vision for your philanthropy
An endowment will provide a steady stream of revenue for a cause or charity. As the assets in the fund grow, so will the size of distributions.
Learn all about establishing a charitable fund. Contact us.
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