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The Foundation and the Board Of Directors
Philomath Community Foundation was established in 1998 by individuals who saw the need for a conduit for charitable giving to benefit the greater Philomath community. The Foundation endeavors to inspire philanthropy and to help people make their philanthropic dreams for this community a reality. The Foundation is a  501(c)(3) non profit, so donations  are tax deductible.

The Foundation serves a geographic area that includes the Philomath community and surrounding area.

The all-volunteer board of directors provides stewardship, direction, and governance to ensure the Foundation has adequate resources to advance its mission.  Directors receive no financial compensation, and the Foundation currently has no paid staff.

Our Mission

The Philomath Community Foundation is committed to serving the needs of youth and family, assisting the elderly and fostering community service, including arts and economic development. The Philomath Community Foundation fulfills its mission as a 501(c)3 foundation by

  • Encouraging private giving to charitable endowments for the public good

  • Providing a flexible tax-exempt way for donors with diverse philanthropic interests to make gifts benefiting the community

  • Carrying out grant and gift-making programs that are visionary, inclusive and enhance the quality of life in the Philomath community

Serving the Philomath Community

The Foundation invests in the Philomath community by

  • awarding grants to support community projects and activities that benefit Philomath area residents,

  • serving as fiscal sponsor  to help volunteer organizations, making possible tax-exempt donations to support their work, and

  • helping individuals and organizations establish endowment funds, including charitable funds and scholarship funds.

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