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Mark Selby Memorial Fund

The Philomath Community Foundation (PCF) will award a grant to a Philomath School District Youth who wishes to receive specialized therapy. The emphasis of this grant is to provide financial assistance for a youth to receive the therapy needed to address mental health/addiction issues.


Criteria for receiving the award:


  1. Youth must be from the Philomath School District.

  2. The youth normally qualified to receive assistance will be from 14 to and including 17 years of age.

  3. The level of funding available from the PCF for the youth’s treatment will be determined prior to enrolling in the treatment program, such as New Vision Wilderness Therapy.

  4. A letter of referral addressing the youth’s treatment needs must be submitted with the application. The referral cannot be from a relative or friend.

  5. In order to receive the financial support, which was predetermined, the youth must successfully complete an approved treatment program.

  6. The treatment program will be reviewed by the Philomath Community Foundation at the time the application for assistance is submitted.

  7. The youth’s legal guardian(s) must request and establish the need for financial aid and sign the Financial Disclosure Form which is part of the application criteria.

  8. The youth’s legal guardian(s) must submit to PCF the most current two years of completed and filed federal tax returns.

Avoid using an outdated form. Wait until Jan. 1 of the year in which you  plan to submit this application to print or download  it. 

Photo of Mark Allen Selby

Mark Allen Selby

April 16, 1988 - Nov. 13, 2010

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