Board of Directors


  • Neal Peterson, President
  • Steve Bell, Vice President
  • Matthew Bierek, Treasurer
  • Helen Bennett, Secretary
  • Bob Boss, Director
  • Teresa Boss, Director
  • Ginny De Herdt, Director
  • Doug Edmonds, Director
  • Rod Harvey, Director
  • Linda Howard, Director
  • Steven Kearsley, Director
  • Joe Malcom, Director
  • Brad Pankalla, Director
  • David Lowe, City Council Representative

The  board of directors provides stewardship, direction, and governance so the Foundation has adequate resources to advance its mission. All directors are volunteers, receiving no financial compensation, and the Foundation currently has no paid staff.

Board News
Honors and Awards

Steven Kearsley

  • 2017 Samaritan Award recipient: Senior First Citizen